Why should I join Amajobs?
We are a simplified job portal where employers, recruiters and job seekers meet. For job seekers it is only a matter of registering your CV and applying for advertised job posts on the system. If you do not register you don’t get to apply for the jobs. As an employer/recruiter this is where you can post job ads and view/download CVs per category. So if you are looking specifically for job seekers in Marketing, you just filter through the CVs and get results for your specific search. You will also need to register to be able to access these services.

Is your job portal user-friendly?
We have simplified the process of registering, managing your profile, publishing adverts or applying for job posts on the system.

How can I attach my CV?
Firstly you have to create and PUBLISH an online CV before the system can allow you to attach a CV. Once your online CV is published, you can navigate back to My Dashboard and attach a CV under the Resume tab.

How do I get in touch with the company I am applying to?
Once you ‘Apply Online’ on the job advert you are connecting with the company that posted the advert. The best you can do is wait for them to contact you should they be interested in your application.

Can I change my login details?
You can edit your profile on your Dashboard under the ‘Edit Profile’ link. There you can update your details or change your password.

How much is it to publish ads?
You are allowed to publish job adverts and/or search and download resumes for free for the first 30 days. Thereafter you will have to purchase a job plan to gain access to these services.

How do I confirm my purchased services?
An invoice will be generated and sent via email once your purchase has been activated. You can also check on your Dashboard to see if your Job Pack has been activated.

How long do my job posts appear on the website?
For the Trial plan, you only have 30 days to use the website for free. Therefore all services will be limited to 30 days. Once you purchase one of the job plans (3 months, 6 months or 1 year plan) then all services including job ads will be within that time limit.

What happens when a job ad expires?
Once your ad expires you have it will no longer appear on the website. How ever you have the option to relist it so it expires at a later stage. This comes at no cost to you if you have purchased a job plan.

Can I edit or delete a published ad?
If you want to change or delete an offer that is already published you must access the “My vacancies” tab in your Recruiter private area. From there you can edit or delete your job offers. There are certain fields in the job offers that cannot be modified once they are published, such as the title of the ad.

How can I delete my account?
If you no longer wish to use our services you can notify us on info@amajobs.co.za and we will remove your profile within 24 hours.